Welcome to my first blog! Although I am new to the social networking world, I am and excited to start my learning and become a pro at the blogging techniques! This blog was created as a project for my English 145 class. We were graciously given the opportunity to expand on the meaning behind a “final project” and make it something of our own, instead of simply writing a final research paper. A round of applause goes to Mrs. Melanie Senn! Because we were given such a broad range of opportunity, I decided to create a blog (something I have never done before) in order to expand on a topic that I feel very strongly about, heath and fitness on college campuses.

Being college students we are constantly bombarded with new information about the newest trending diet or the most effective workout. And half the time, this new material completely contradicts the last “new” information. So what is a college student to do? I have created this blog to centralize most of my thoughts about health and fitness and allow others to comment their opinions. The blog will include personal reflections, surveys, interesting articles, and whatever else I fine. Although this blog is only for the purpose of my final project, I hope to check back into it every-once in a while and post. Seeming that the blogging world will completely capture me. So please, read, comment, and enjoy!



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