The Introduction

Hello fellow bloggers! First off, please excuse me for not being the most technologically savvy college student on campus; I am pretty new to this social networking world and am still learning!  My name is Frances Dixon and I am currently a kinesiology major at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo. I have created this blog in order to piece together all of the information we have collected throughout our lifetime concerning our own personal heath. I hope to inspire students to get active and make important personal choices that will benefit them later in life.
As college students in the twenty first century, we are constantly bombarded with new information concerning fitness and health. It seems like every week there is new research surfacing that seems to disprove the previous information.
Should I run 5 miles around a track or do static cross-fit exercises?
Should I become vegetarian or vegan?
Should I be gluten free?
What kind of workout shoes will give me the best performance?
Should I take vitamin supplements or does my body already produce an adequate amount?
Should I cut out carbs completely or do they have any health benefit?
Should I participate in an extreme mega-cleanse?
Is Greek yogurt actually better than all the rest?
As growing adults, how are we to make important decisions that will benefit our health in later years if all the information keeps contradicting itself? Through this blog I hope to help guide fellow students through their health, fitness and nutrition problems and establish a center for collecting all types of media and information. On my blog I will include articles on health, fitness, and nutrition, interviews with students at the gym and professionals on campus, polls and graphs about student health, and summaries about my experiences and insight. I hope to gain a better understanding of fitness in the college lifestyle and also help others make healthy and life changing decisions. I want students to know that they are not alone if they feel confused and intimidated by all of the health information that is circulating. 🙂


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