My Health a Fitness Survey

After reading and previously posting about the American College Health Association’s National College Health Assessment, I became curious about the health of my peers at Cal Poly. Health and fitness seem to be topics that most college students are concerned about, mainly regarding their own personal benefits. I was interested in how most students viewed their own health and fitness levels and how they aim to improve them. Instead of asking some of the more technical questions that the NCHA asks, I stuck to the general questions about health and didn’t venture into health insurance, diseases, sexual behavior, and alcohol and tobacco use. Although important in the NCHA survey, these topics were not relevant in the results that I was trying to achieve.

I think that the questions in this survey were very interesting because they required a little thinking and a personal response. One was not allowed to simply answer “yes” or “no”, they had to analyze their own bodies and make an executive decision about their health. I believe that doing so would bring about a realization in some people to go out and become more active and maintain a healthier life style. Simply creating this survey and making the answer options made me want to go to the gym and eat healthier!

Some of the questions I included on my survey were:

-In general, how would you categorize your general health?

-How important is exercise to you?

-How many times a week do you exercise?

-How would you rate your diet?

-What are the main reasons you work out?

I also included questions regarding the primary reason students go to the gym and what machines and work outs they utilize while there for later use in this blog. 


After sampling 65 students on campus through Survey Monkey I was able to collect the data from my health and fitness survey. Theses were my results:

            -67.6% of students reported that they are in decent shape, 18.9% were in excellent shape, and 13.5 were in fair shape

            -The majority of students work out wither 3-5 times a week or 5-7 times a week (both at 32.4%)

            -64.9% of students reported that exercise is very important to them while it was moderately important for 24.3%

            -68.4% of college students rated their died as fairly balanced, 21% as healthy and balanced, and 10.5% as needs improvement

-Surprisingly 73.9% of students reported that they mainly focus on cardio workout at the gym, opposed to weightlifting, strength training and agility training

This was a very rewarding survey in that it surprised me on some levels and also made me proud of the community I live in. Cal Poly seems to be a very fit campus. It seems that most students are comfortable with their health or need to slightly improve it. The amount of students that attend the gym 5-7 times a week completely astounded me! Go CP! 


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