Cardio, Cardio, Cardio!

Cardio workouts have become one of the trending topics in the work out world today. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, cardio, or cardiovascular exercise, is any activity that increases heart rate and respiration while using large muscle groups repetitively and rhythmically. One of the reasons cardio workouts have become so popular lately is because they do not necessarily require a gym membership. Many of the exercises can be done without specialized machines.

Cardio workouts are typically characterized into either high-impact cardio or low-impact cardio. High-impact activities carry a higher risk for injury but provide many cardiovascular and metabolic advantages due to the high amount of calories they burn. Some example activities include running, jogging, and jump roping. Low-impact cardio workouts are suitable for anybody but are extremely advantageous for overweight or elderly individuals looking to improve their health. This is because the exercises require little skill but still target major muscles groups and fat burning areas. Examples of low-intensity cardio workouts include fitness walking, swimming, biking, and stair climbing.

They key to a cardio workout is to integrate both low and high intensity activities in order to achieve optimal success. Performing these exercises two to three times each week will promote major health benefits. One can expect to achieve stronger bones, a healthy weight and blood pressure, and protection from depression, heart attacks, stroke and diabetes with just executing these simple workouts.

Below I have included a website that I find to be useful whenever I need a new cardio workout. They provide many options and step-by-step instructions to simple but effective cardio workouts!


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